Grounding and Releasing Negativity with Black Tourmaline

We all have those days where things just don’t go our way. We bump into or trip over everything, every interaction seems to go about as poorly as it possibly could go and we just can’t seem to get out of this “funk”. These are all signs that we are not properly grounded.

Being properly grounded means that we are in balance with the energy of mother earth. We are connected with what is happening around us and are able to flow easily with the energy of the day.

Fortunately there are plenty of stones out there that can help you get grounded and reconnected to our lovely planet but by far my favorite grounding stone is black tourmaline. Aside from its ability to bring you back to earth, black tourmaline is really great for transmuting or getting rid of negative energy and protecting against electromagnetic radiation produced by electronic devices.

These properties make this a really great stone to have around in high stress environments where you feel like you need some protection from what is going on around you. Personally, I find this stone to have a very warm and comforting energy and I want to share with you a few of my experiences with it.

As it is one of my favorite stones I always have a piece of it nearby but in recent weeks it has been calling to me more often than usual. I have been holding on to it more often when I fall asleep and meditating with it almost daily.

One day, I was just feeling super grumpy and I got a text that just sent me off the deep end emotionally. I started crying and all of my negative thoughts and feelings about myself and what was going on around me just came raging to the surface. No matter what I did I couldn’t stop crying for more than a minute before all the thoughts would start over again and I would dissolve right back into tears. There was a part of me that understood this was a much needed and much over due release of emotions that I had been burying but I also knew that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my day blubbering in my bedroom. So, I grabbed my black tourmaline and just held onto it. Eventually I ended up dropping it in my lap so it rested at my root chakra.

I am not sure how long I sat with the tourmaline but slowly I began to calm down the emotions subsided and I was able to relax. By the time I removed the stone I felt more grounded than I had felt in a while. Looking back I understand that I had been unconsciously seeking (or my tourmaline had been pushing me towards) this grounding for a week or so but had never sat with the stone long enough to get as grounded as I really needed to be. That text was the trigger I needed to really take the time it took to sit with my tourmaline and ground myself completely. As a result the stone transmuted everything I had been holding onto and I felt happier and lighter than I had felt in a while the next day!

Something similar happened tonight. I was just sitting in my room stretching out some sore muscles when I suddenly got this urge to meditate in a stone circle of black tourmaline. I grabbed the small pieces that I had in my room with me tonight (coincidentally) and formed a circle on the floor. I then grabbed my larger piece, sat in the middle of the circle and closed my eyes.

Oh . . . my . . . goodness . . .

I immediately felt this wave of relaxation throughout my whole body like a weight had been lifted from it. It felt as if I was sitting inside of this tension relieving cylinder and nothing and no-one could get to me. I felt like I was being hugged by this warm and comforting energy and it was removing negative energy that I didn’t even know was there.

I never wanted to leave. This was my first ever experience with a stone circle and I have to say I will definitely be doing this again hopefully on a more regular basis!

If you are new to stones or are really seeking something to reground and center you this is an exercise that I would HIGHLY recommend! You will need six stones (at least) for the circle and one stone to hold in your hands or place at your root chakra which is located at the base of your spine. Sit in the circle and breathe for at least five minutes focusing on connecting into mother earth and letting go on any negative energy that you may have picked up. The more often you work with the stones the easier it will be to connect with them. If you prefer not to do the circle you can do the same exercise by just holding onto one stone. The benefit of the circle is that more stones = more energy!

If you need to purchase the stones Santerre’s Stones ‘n Stuff in Epping, New Hampshire is a great place to find anything you need. You can also buy good quality black tourmaline in bulk from Amazon.

Please let me know how this exercise goes for you by leaving a comment or shooting me an e-mail!

Happy grounding!


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