My Forgotten Chakra

I had a really interesting experience last week during a session with the fabulous Michele Lowry of Nikoe Natural Therapies. I scheduled the session to get some insight into how I could better support myself nutritionally. In our conversation before the session started, I also mentioned that I had some soreness around the base of my neck. I had read in a brochure on digestion from Dynamite Specialty Products that when digestion is poor a person can develop a hump at the base of their neck where it meets their shoulders because over stimulation to nerves in this area that stimulate digestion so I thought the soreness I was experiencing in this area could be related to that.

Unsurprisingly, the session revealed that there were quite a few changes I needed to make to support myself nutritionally but there was more going on energetically with my neck than I had originally thought. Michele told me that I had energy pushing down on the top of my head that was putting pressure on the base of my neck much like a heavy weight would. To help me relieve this pressure she had me visualize a door opening in the top of my head and focus on moving the energy upwards into the divine. When I did as she asked I literally imagined a piece of my skull popping open like a hatch and saw a lot of pink energy flowing upwards from the opening. Within this column of pink light I also saw little lotus flowers blooming. The tension at the base of my neck eased almost immediately.


This experience floored me because I realized that I had been trying to deal with the brain fog and unsettledness I had been feeling in my head by grounding myself when I really had to relieve the pressure by opening my crown chakra. It has never once occured to me to relieve this pressure by moving energy upwards. The more I thought about the experience the more I came to realize that my crown chakra had been almost completely closed and the energy from the divine was pushing on it to get in while the energy that flows through the other six chakras was getting stuck inside my head and resulting in the feeling of being ungrounded.

Furthermore, I also realized how very  little I think about my crown chakra. I don’t have any memories of doing any consistent work with it. It is always just kind of there. My focus is almost always on one of the lower physical chakras like the sacral, solar plexus, or heart. I think it is about time that I payed some attention to this forgotten chakra!

Simply being aware of the fact that this is the chakra I forget about has already done wonders for keeping this chakra energized simply because I am paying more attention to it. Since the session I have also been visualizing a lotus flower at my crown chakra to help keep it open and the energy flowing through it and I have been using a Crown Chakra Gem Oil that I made from crystal elixirs and essential oils to help support it.


Now I have a challenge for you! Identify your forgotten chakra! This may be as easy as identifying which chakra you don’t think about but if you find you are having difficulties think about what has been bothering you lately either physically or emotionally. Ask yourself questions. Is it easier to move energy up or down through your body? Where does the energy feel stuck? You can even ask your stones! If you happen to have a chakra set – which I highly recommend – place all the stones in a bag, shake them up a little focusing on the intention of identifying your forgotten chakra and then pull out a stone! The same technique can be used when visiting a stone shop. Focus your energy on finding a stone to help you support your forgotten chakra, whether you know which one it is or not, and see what stone or stones you are drawn to then look up their chakra associations. Also, here is a lovely image I found tells you what each chakra is governed by and what blocks it. Please feel free to share your experiences here or on facebook! Namaste to all!


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