Dealing with Overwhelm

Teaching and inspiring others by sharing my personal experiences has always been an important part of how I work with crystals – that is why Earth Speaks Crystal healing was born. In the last few months, however, I have felt this push to share my business journey as well. I have taken the time to really dive into what it takes to build a successful business and it is by far one of the most difficult things I have ever done.

It is something completely new and opposite from the spiritual and connected side of my work. I have no experience in business and yet I know that is vital that I learn if I am going to be successful.

That is overwhelming!

There is so much information available that it can be hard to know which is correct. In fact, it could all be correct but now you, as a business owner, are in charge of figuring out what strategies work best for you and your business.

Then, of course, you have to implement those strategies and, because they are new to you, it takes you twice as long as you think it should.

And then you have your ego whispering in your ear asking why you should even bother.

Oh, and then you have to keep the business running while you learn all of this. You have to keep up with content creation, appointments, marketing. . .

Oh and then there are the thousands of other people that seem to be doing exactly what you are doing which leads to self doubt and fear of failure.

You have complete control of your time and what you do, and yet you feel completely out of control.

Cue mental break down!

That is basically how it works for me. I start out great, inspired to learn and implement everything that I am learning and then life happens and things don’t work out the way I think they should and my brain starts to shut down.

Through this process I have had to learn how to master my feelings and keep going. My crystals have certainly helped but more than that I have had to learn how to keep my goal in mind and not focus on the results that I don’t think I am getting.

Perhaps one of the biggest lessons I have learn in dealing with overwhelm is that it is okay to not have everything together. Whenever I am overwhelmed I remind myself of this. I remind myself that all of those accounts that I follow and businesses I admire didn’t just spring into being as they are now. The images I see on their accounts don’t portray the struggles that they have surely gone through.

I remind myself that I am not alone because, in truth, that is where a lot of the overwhelm comes from. It is bred in feeling that I am alone and that I have no support and that I am not understood.

That is why I am writing this post, to let all of you out there who are on this journey that you are not alone. We are all in this together even if we don’t know it.

Now, whenever I have those feelings, I turn to those who inspire me – Kerwin Rae, Gary Vee, and Jenna Kutcher especially – and I remind myself why I am doing what I am doing.

One of the practices that has worked best for me in this process is to come up with mantras that I repeat to myself when I am starting to feel overwhelmed. For example:

  • I have something special to offer.
  • I am not inadequate.
  • I am still learning, and that is okay

I have even started to save them in my featured stories on my Instagram account so that there is always  a carousel of them for me and others like me to take a minute to watch and reconnect to a sense of positive thinking and purpose.  Check them out if you need something to pull  you out of your slump.

What are some techniques that help you with feeling overwhelmed? I would love to hear them! Share them with me in the comments!

Much Love,


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